Sunday, 24 February 2013



Beautiful Visualizations

During outdoor play one day it began to snow quite 
heavily. The children returned to class very excited about the newly fallen snow. We read Cynthia Rylant’s story, Snow.

During the read aloud the children began to describe the snowflakes they saw in the illustrations of the book as well as the snowflakes they had just seen while outside.

Many of the children began to use beautiful visualizations to describe snowflakes.

S.: The snowflakes are like leaves, falling from 

T.B.: The snowflake in beautiful, flying in the sky.

S.M.: The snowflakes twirl and fly in the snow.

C.L.: Snowflakes are like feathers.

S.K.: This little snowflake is like a star.

These beautifully poetic images described by the 
children became the inspiration for art. The children independently chose a medium to transfer their snowflake visualizations into pieces of art

Art and Nature Inspired Poetry

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