Saturday, 2 February 2013

Co-Construction of the Alphabet

This alphabet was co-constructed with the children at the beginning of the year. The alphabet has become an important tool for the children as they grow as writers. 

Our goal is to present letters and sounds in a way that is both meaningful and authentic for students.

The Process

We began co-constructing the alphabet 
by introducing each student’s written name and identifying as a whole group the first letter and sound of each child’s name. We wanted students to take ownership of this alphabet because it will encourage them to use it as it is something special they created. 

Each student used watercolour paint to create a unique background for our collaborative alphabet. 

Watercolour painting the background for our alphabet.

Putting the Alphabet together:

"It's like a puzzle and we had to put it together." - T.K.

Building our alphabet by matching the lower case letters
with upper case letters. 

Making it Meaningful

The students discussed the beginning sounds of each other’s names and what letter each photograph should be placed on. Students were able to make many connections during this activity as they have a strong connection to their names and those of their friends. Students were then invited to photograph images in their inside and outside environment to build to their alphabet.

The children taking photographs of objects
found in our classroom.This was followed by a
discussion about letter sounds and where
to place the photographs on our alphabet.

Engage and Explore

We wanted to give our students access 
to all letters and sounds. The co-constructed alphabet is posted at our Graphic Communication center as a resource for students to engage with and further explore.

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  1. Hello!! Last year I was working as supply ECE and I was able to work at your classroom one day. There was a supply teacher as well. I was amazed, really amazed by everything in your classroom, the set up, children's discipline, and especially all the documentations of children's work and their interests.I fell in love with your classroom. You and your Ece have done an amazing job. Congratulations!!! I would love to come and visit your classroom again. The inquiries you have done and documented are speechless. I would love to learn more from you. Good luck and all the best to you and your Ece for this year. You are an awesome teacher. I wish my child was in your class. Keep up the good work.:-)