Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pablo Picasso Inspired

Pablo Picasso was often inspired by the same 
subjects, for example, goats. His art exhibits showcase many of his paintings of the same subject and inspiration. Just like the artist Pablo Picasso a few of the children have been drawing inspiration from one object and then recreating the subject exploring various paint colours, painting techniques, materials and how to transfer these ideas in different forms (ie., the light table).

This is really important because the children have 
selected a subject or idea that interests them and sparks inspiration. They then use these interests and inspirations to explore different mediums and techniques. In this process they are developing important skills and strategies as they make decisions, problem solve, communicate and reflect. Through this process the children also gain confidence and expertise.

The Monster

Ms. P: Tell me about your monster.

S.T: He has a big blue eye and other colours.

Ms. P: Why did you choose to paint a monster?

S.T: Because, I like how monsters are scary but this one isn’t, it’s a funny monster with big eyes. I 
used four colours.
S.T: Juliet, want me to show you Juliet?


M.T. was inspired by the snowflakes that she saw fall 
earlier that morning and she decided to reproduce this image at the painting easel. 

M.T. was inspired by continued to explore the shape and design of snowflakes at the light table.  
M.T: Snowflakes floating to the ground and floating 

My House

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