Monday, 19 November 2012

The Beauty of Patterns

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere,

Patterns Near and Far

Our class read the text, Kente Colors to learn about the special meaning of colours and patterns of the kente cloth worn in Ghana. While reading the story, children began to make connections between African culture and the colourful cloth they love to wear.  

Kente Cloth from Ghana

Our Principal brought in some beautiful Kente cloth from Ghana. This was a special moment for the children to see and touch the beautiful and colourful cloth we had just been talking about. The children observed the fabric of the clothing, the colours and the different patterns found on the clothing.

Observing and admiring Ms. D's 
beautiful Kente cloths.

Creating Circular Tapestries

The children set off to weave their own patterns. The weaving motion acted as a great way for the children to develop their fine motor skills, weaving different colour wool over and under the string.

I.G. weaving with much focus
and precision.

Incorporating Patterning

As the tapestry grew bigger, the 
children reinforced their learning about patterning rules making decisions about what colour wool or yarn to use. 

R.S. and J.N. collaborating to
extend the pattern by weaving
the next colour of yarn.

Our Colourful Collaborative Circle

A special thank you to our principal Ms. D. for allowing us to have a first hand look at her beautiful Kente cloths from Ghana. 

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