Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Puppet Theatre

It’s Showtime

The Making of a Puppet Show

Integration can provide opportunities for children to explore concepts and to develop and apply these skills. meaningful integration deepens children's understanding of the skills and concepts in each of the subjects that are involved. Through meaningful integration, children can be encouraged to generate new connections and to expand their existing understanding. Integration also helps children see how the knowledge and skills developed in one area can be relevant to other areas. 
(The Full Day Early Learning Program Curriculum p.17)

While participating in intentional play-based learning centers, a group of children decided to create a puppet show. What began as a small group of children role playing with puppets in our classroom turned into an example of cross curricular integration and student initiated learning through play.  

A.L, E.L. and M.Y. began creating a puppet show using the class's favourite puppet, "Puff the Magic Dragon" as well as a couple other puppets. When the children had finished practicing their puppet show they were very eager to share their production with me. 

M.Y: Ms. P, come and see our puppet show, it is really great!

Ms. P: I think you boys worked very hard to create that show, I wonder if you would like to share your show with the whole class?

A.L: Yes!

M.Y: Yes! Eric, Ms. P says we can share with the whole class!

Incorporating Writing

Ms. Nitsotolis: I wonder what you need when you go to see a show?
M.Y: Tickets!
E.L: I will make the tickets.
M.Y: Me too!

 P for Puppet

The children went to the graphic communication center and began to cut out tickets and write the word “puppet”.

M.Y: How do you spell ticket?
A.L: I can help you, you have to sound it out. Ppp…
M.Y. referred to the Co-constructed Alphabet posted at the Graphic Communication center to see what the letter “p” looked like.
E.L: How many tickets do we need?
Ms. P: How many people do we have in our classroom right now?
E.L: I will have to count them…17! But I only have 15 tickets. I think we need 2 more.
A.L: E.L, hand out the tickets, you need tickets for the show.
The children proceeded to hand out the tickets then recollect the tickets as students gathered in front of the puppet theatre.
C.Z: We have to turn off the lights. 

“Once upon a time…” A.L.

Inspiring Classmates

At the end of the puppet show, the children showed their appreciation by applauding our actors. The boys production inspired several other students to use the puppet theatre later that day to create their own productions. 

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