Monday, 19 November 2012

Lest We Forget

In preparation for remembrance day the three kindergarten classes practiced a poem, Peace Treaty.

Peace Treaty

For as long as the moon rises. 
For as long as the grass grows green.
For as long as the river flows. 
We will be friends.
We will live in peace.

Each kindergarten class created one of the elements from nature. Our class created a flowing river. 

We have been reading a couple of books by author, Eric Carle. We have been very curious about his art work and how he creates the illustrations for his books. We watched a short video of Eric Carle painting with some unconventional materials.

Take a look at author and artist Eric Carle in his studio:

Our Inspiration: Eric Carle Painting a Murale

Inspired by Eric Carle

We decided to paint our own river murale using a variety of different materials, not just a simple paint brush. 

We used materials found in our classroom.
Children explored creating texture and printmaking.

Rolling up our Sleeves
Getting our Hands Dirty
and Creating Art

The Product of Collaboration: 

A Flowing River

"I think it's beautiful." - T.K.

The beautiful prints made by the children is evident. The children displayed remarkable collaboration throughout the creation of the river. They each contributed their own special touch to our river. We lay the final product out on the carpet for the children to examine. The conversation that followed illustrated the children's sense of pride in what they had created. 

One of the children described the river as "beautiful". Our conversation continued to explore this concept of beauty as students thought about what makes this river beautiful. 

C.Z: All of the different shapes.
J.M: There's so many colours.
S.M: We all help to make it because we collaborate.
S.T: We worked together!

Incorporating our River 

into the Block Center

The children decided to add the river into the block center. During centers, a few of the children lay the river out on the carpet and placed the blocks on top of it as rocks and as a bridge. The children used their imagination during play to pretend that there was an alligator in the river and they had to hop from "rock" to "rock" without falling in the river with the "alligator." Similarly, another group of children found the book, "The Three Billy Goats" and pretended that they were the goats trying to cross the bridge over the river. 

A few children taking a "swim" in the river. 

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