Thursday, 1 November 2012

Finding Inspiration from Nature

The Story of the Leaf and the Rock

During outdoor exploration one morning, T.K. found a leaf and a rock. These two objects inspired T.K. to create a story about his leaf and rock.

T.K: Ms. P I brought this leaf and rock inside because I want to make a story about them and me, but I don’t know how to write a story.

Ms. P: I can help you! Why don’t you begin by 
drawing the pictures for your story?

T.K: I think I want to use watercolour paints because that’s what I am thinking in my mind.

T.K. began by using watercolour paints to paint the pictures for his story. Once the story pages were dry, T.K. put the pages in the correct order and numbered his pages.

My Story is 5 Pages! - T.K.

T.K: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! “My story is five pages long and it’s going to be a really great story about me and my leaf and rock. Okay now I have to write my story and it’s going to take a really long time because it is 5 pages.”

Ms. P: How does your story begin?

T.K: The leaf and the rock…

The Changing Flowers

S.M. found some dried flowers outside during 
lunch. She decided to write a story about the flowers. S.M. chose to use watercolour paints to paint the pictures for her story.

Time to write! – S.M.

Ms. P: Tell me about the first page of your story.

S.M: The flowers were growing and a rainbow came.

Ms. P: Let’s count how many words that 
sentence has.

S.M: Eight! 

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