Friday, 2 November 2012

A New Month, a New Calendar

Good-Bye October,
Hello November

Creating our own Calendar

Last month a few children in our class collaborated to create a calendar for the month of October. This student made calendar replaced a store bought one we had been not so much, "using" but displaying. 
In hopes of encouraging the children to refer to the numbers on the calendar, to observe number patterns, etc. we invited the children to paint October's calendar. The results were great, once the child created calendar was constructed and displayed the children not only referred to their calendar as "beautiful" and took pride in showing their friends what they had created, but we noticed students referring to the calendar when seeking help for number formation and counting. 

Very excited about the use of the calendar created by the children, we repeated the steps this month, inviting more students to share in the creation of November's calendar. 

Painting the November Calendar

Ms. P: What colour paints should we use for November’s calendar?
C.L: Green.
T.K: Red.
A.L: Brown.
B.Y: Yellow.
T.K: Oh and white!

Ms. P: Why did you choose white?

T.K: Because it was snowing this morning, 
and its November!

Painting the November Sign

T.K: I want to paint a heart shaped leaf like the one we saw in the book and it’s my special leaf.
A.L: I can help you.
T.K: Thank you Andrew, I think it looks really beautiful.
A.L: You’re welcome.
C.L: I want to draw a heart leaf too but its falling to the ground.
T.K: My leaves are all falling to the ground too because they are dying because leaves die in the fall.  

A Calendar is not a Calendar 

without Numbers

Once the calendar was dry, B.Y, T.K, A.L, M.T. and C.L worked together to include the numbers to complete the calendar for the class. 


To complete the project, the children wrote a sign for November. A.L. and B.Y. helped one another sound out all of the letters in the word November. Sometimes the children get the sounds of the letters “a” and “o” mixed up. B.Y. and A.L. decided that after “N” the next letter in the word “November” was an “o” because it sounds like “no” and they remembered how to spell, “no”.  

Displaying the Final Product

The children displayed their new November calendar. The children were so eager to have their hard work displayed in their classroom.

“I just love it!” -     T.K.

We will continue to observe the effect the children’s participation in a project from start to finish has on how they use and interact with the material.

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